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about me

I am a Boston-based personal stylist that has a strong retail background not only in the city but also on the island of Nantucket. After years of working in a store setting, I decided to branch out and work on my own and for myself. 

I love working with my clients to help them create and expand their personal style.

If you are interested in working with me have a look at my services!



MY Services


Closet Overhaul

$120 per hour

Let's see what you are working with. This is how I start with most clients that are looking to refresh whether it be for a new season, weight loss, or just a new look. 

I come to your house and go through your closet with you. We decide what we keep, what we toss, and what we donate. From there I can go through and organize for you (option to have your closet re-done) and pinpoint what it is you are missing. 



$90 per hour

We've gone through your closet (or you can skip that step) and now we are looking for missing pieces, added basics, an event look, whatever it may be. Personal shopping can be catered to your needs and can be done any way that makes it the most convenient to you. Want to stay home and have me bring pieces to you? Amazing. Want to come along for the ride? Let's go! Care to pop in after I have already gone and curated the stores for you? Great! It is up to you.


Did someone say VACATION?

Price will be determined based on needs

CALL ME! Going on a fabulous vacation is exciting but the packing part--not so much. Let me take care of the outfit-planning, accessorizing, and packing (labels included!).



Price will be determined based on needs

Soul-Cycle obsessed? Have an Equinox membership but never use it? No matter what your physical fitness standing is, everyone wants to look and feel their best before they sweat and look...maybe not their best. This service can be as minimal as finding a sports bra that fits you just right to finding the perfect gym bag and filling it with the right sneakers, workout gear, and after workout essentials to leave you looking FRESH.

PERSONAL ONLINE SHOPPER (Monthly Subscription)

Commission Based (can also be a monthly program if you want to set it up as one or more items sent to you per month)

One of my favorite things to do is to shop online. It is the easiest way to quickly see how something looks on a model, browse what is in stock, and have it delivered right to your door. Often times I browse and see pieces, shoes, jewelry, make -up and think of someone that would love it. I can easily have items I curate online shipped to you and if they don't work I will personally come to your house and ship them back for you. Sometimes it's nice to receive something special in the mail. Think of it as a gift!

I wouldn’t know what to do without Sarah. I completely trust and rely on her impeccable sense of style.
— Long-Time Client


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